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Energy transition

We're striving to bring on a sustainable world where technology and energy have a key role to play


Rather than radically transforming our lifestyle, we believe this future is in within reach if it's based on digital sobriety and 100% responsible energy. Now is the time to take action for the climate: building a sustainable energy landscape is an urgent issue and one which involves us all. The goal is simple: by 2050 we must no longer emit more carbon than we are able to absorb.

Could technology be the key to changing over to responsible energy ?


While there's no doubt that digital technology can be a source of pollution, it's now firmly embedded within our society and has brought about considerable economic and social progress over recent decades. At elow, we believe that technology can be an important tool to address the current ecological challenges. How ? The first step towards reconciling technology and ecology involves changing our habits and our relationship with energy.


A more transparent, virtuous & responsible world of energy

The need to step up the energy transition is a major preoccupation for individuals, businesses and energy suppliers. We have therefore developed solutions that empower all of these various players to create an ecosystem that will really make a difference. Our solutions enable everyone to know, understand and reduce their digital carbon footprint and take concrete action against climate change.

Commit to digital sobriety right now


We want to empower everyone, regardless of age and profession, to take concrete action for responsible energy. Our solutions enable electricity consumption to be covered by green electricity, support local renewable players in your area, strengthen your societal commitment and help you take positive action to preserve the climate.

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