Green IT solution

A major contribution to reduce digital electricity consumption and associated co2 emissions

The elow application helps to reduce the carbon footprint associated with electricity consumption, thanks to algorithms that, at the right moment, reduce the electricity consumption of equipment equipped with the application.


A unique solution

The elow solution is particularly suitable for large companies seeking to reduce their digital electricity consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

  • You are an OEM seeking to provide low carbon computers to its customers. elow eliminates 150% of CO2 emissions emitted over the lifecycle of a computer. In addition, your customers will benefit from the following:
    • Up to 50% of electricity consumption reduction
    • Data to analyze the laptop/desktop performance.
    • Data to analyze software electricity consumption.
    • Provide a unique user experience.
  • You are a business with an extensive parc of computers and you wish to reduce your digital carbon footprint.


Our solution will enable you to:

  • Measure and account for your CO2 emissions and avoided CO2 emissions according to international standards.
  • Reduce your emissions immediately without anything to do (simply install the app)
  • Analize your data thanks to a dashboard that will provide you figures on your emissions, on usage, device performance, software electricity consumption, …

How it works

Once elow is installed on your IT fleet: 

  • elow monitors the CO2 intensity of the power grid in real time and calculates the CO2 emissions of IT equipment.

  • When the CO2 intensity is high, the application automatically switches to low-carbon mode in order to reduce electricity consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

  • When CO2 intensity is low, the application automatically comes back to a normal use mode.

Interactions with the app and its notifications offer employees a unique and educational user experience.

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Ready to take on the major challenge of our times ?

How can your organization achieve digital sobriety?

  • By using appropriate tools to measure energy consumptions

  • By uniting all your employees around a tool that empowers them to act positively on a daily basis, whether they're in the office, home-working or in a coworking space.

  • By making sure the products and tech used within your company are low carbon or at least energy efficient.

ELOW is an all-in-one solution that provides a global and efficient approach with concrete results.