Sustainable IT

An app that intellegently reduces the electricity consumption and carbon footprint of your workstations

The elow application helps to reduce the electricity consumption and associated CO2 emissions of IT parks, thanks to algorithms that, at the right moment, reduce the electricity consumption of laptops and desktops equiped with the app, providing an immediate Return on Investment (ROI).


Immediate benefits thanks to automated actions. An interactive and educational user experience

The elow solution is particularly suitable for large companies seeking to reduce the electricity consumption and associated CO2 emissions of their IT parks:

  • Electricity consumption halved, with no need for training or special attention on the part of employees. The app does everything.
  • Optimization of electricity consumption is managed automatically by the app, with the option of taking control at any time.
  • Immediat benefits and an interactive and educational user experience that lead to high adoption rate
  • Gamification with the possibility to organize challenges to engage employees

How it works

Once elow is installed on your IT fleet: 

  • elow monitors the CO2 intensity of the power grid in real time and calculates the CO2 emissions of IT equipment.

  • When the CO2 intensity is high, the application automatically switches to low-carbon mode in order to reduce electricity consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

  • When CO2 intensity is low, the application automatically comes back to a normal use mode.

Interactions with the app and its notifications offer employees a unique and educational user experience.

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Ready to take on the major challenge of our times ?

A holistic approach to sustainable IT

The application provides concrete solutions to the following problems:

  • Energy saving

  • Eco-design software

  • Extended life equipment

  • Employee engagement

  • elow is an all-in-one solution that provides a global and efficient approach with concrete results and is certified by Bureau Veritas.