/ CIOs, a key role in climate preservation

CIOs, a key role in climate preservation

IT for Green (or digital for climate) is an approach aimed at reducing the environmental impact of companies’ activities. Used wisely, digital technologies can make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
For example, information and communication technologies (ICTs) can help optimize the use of energy resources by participating in energy demand management (#demandsidemanagement), reduce physical travel and promote remote working. ICT can also be used to monitor, control and account for greenhouse gas emissions in industry and business. In addition, digital technologies can help raise user awareness of environmental issues and encourage more virtuous behavior.
While the environmental impact of digital technologies can no longer be overlooked, they can also make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

If companies are to meet their greenhouse gas reduction targets, #digitization and #decarbonization must go hand in hand. This is what IT for Green is all about, and it’s an essential step in the fight against climate change and the preservation of our planet.

At elow, IT for green is the path we’ve decided to follow, offering to put corporate IT fleets at the service of the climate, thanks to our application which runs autonomously in the background, without the need to worry about it. The benefits are immediate and significant, both for companies and for the climate, as well as for the scope 3 of #OEMs and financial organizations. In concrete terms, elow reduces the need for carbon-based power plants by cutting your machines’ electricity consumption at the right time. By using elow, you reduce your CO2 emissions. We’re not talking about carbon offsetting, reforestation or greenwashing.

elow means a 50% reduction in the electricity consumption of your IT assets, and a 150% reduction in the quantities of CO2 emitted by your IT assets over the lifecycle (manufacture, transport, use and recycling) of your equipment; all at zero financial cost or even at a profit. Our algorithms and calculation methods have been validated by Bureau Véritas.
What’s more, because we’re IT and information systems professionals, we know that #GreenOps and #FinOps can also be significant levers for reducing IT costs. That’s why we also take these two approaches into account, to help CIOs reduce the cost of running their information systems.

So there’s no excuse for putting off taking action. Each and every one of your computers is an asset for the climate, and all you have to do is install elow on your IT assets, following the example of Crédit Agricole, a pioneer in this field, which has enabled us to develop elow into an application suitable for corporate use and compatible with the most stringent cybersecurity requirements of major banks.

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