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Green IT vs IT for Green

In the IT sector, “Green IT” and “IT for Green” are often confused. Although complementary, they are 2 different approaches that contribute to the same objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

 Green IT (Responsible IT):

The carbon footprint of digital technology can be reduced right from the hardware design stage, by modifying usage, extending hardware lifecycles or recycling hardware. This is the scope of Green IT, which focuses on qualitative measures such as the use of more eco-responsible technologies and materials. The aim is to improve environmental impact without necessarily quantifying the results.

 IT for Green (IT to serve for the ecology):

Digital technology can also be used to combat environmental damage. This second approach puts information technology at the service of the climate. Digital technology is used to reduce the economic, ecological and social footprint of an activity. This is the scope of IT for Green. IT for Green focuses on quantifiable measures.

The shift from Green IT to IT for Green involves a paradigm shift in which IT becomes a player in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions. This is how elow enables IT Departments to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of their IT assets, and at the same time put their IT assets at the service of the climate, without affecting business uses.

In this way, elow becomes an essential component of digital workplaces, making IT an asset for the climate.


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