Complete energy control

Simplify access to the energy market

Our service consists of three main pillars:

Digital expertise : our Tech team have extensive expertise. Our Saas platform is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, so we are able to offer our customers an efficient, flexible and evolutive service, combined with the highest level of security.

Energy expertise : to respond to complex issues in the area of energy management, our teams include professional experts benefitting from a high level of expertise acquired over a long career in energy supply and grid management.

Innovation : the ongoing environmental and climate issues we are confronted with require us to move away from traditional models and create the energy of the future. Innovation and refusing to accept the status quo are embedded in our company's DNA, because otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the goals agreed at the Paris COP21.

We combine energy and digital expertise providing suppliers, energy producers, businesses and local authorities with simplified access to energy, enabling their projects to take concrete form.

We combine energy and digital expertise to provide suppliers, energy producers, businesses and local authorities with simplified access to energy so that their projects can take concrete form.





Tailored solutions

Understand the organisation and grasp the specific aspects and constraints of energy markets, while developing a 360° vision of the competition and regulatory environment - we provide customised training sessions, specially tailored to the needs of your business and sector.

Build your business model, set up a collective self-supply project and define your digital transformation strategy - our experts give you all the advice you need for your project to be successful

Pick the best partners, deal with administrative documents and applications, understand the complexities of contractualisation and trade-offs – our experts know all the ins and outs of the system, saving you time and energy.

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