Green IT solution

Give your business the means to monitor and reduce its carbon footprint, wherever you are in the world !

With elow Carbon, you can benefit from a set of tools which finally address the problem of digital carbon emissions. Find out how you can become an ambassador for digital sobriety !


An innovative solution

the elow solution is particularly suitable for large companies seeking for a solution to reduce their carbon footprint :

  • Your business is in the technology sector and you're seeking to reduce the use phase carbon footprint of the products you sell in various markets (scope 3)
  • You're a business with an extensive stock of computers and you're looking for a Green IT solution

Our solution will enable you to :

  • measure your carbon emissions in real time, wherever they're generated.
  • cover the electricity consumption of the products you market by renewable electricity.
  • access carbon reports on your scope 2 and 3 emissions

How it works

A 3-step approach : 

  • Monitoring : elow Carbon is installed on your applications, products and IT equipment and measures your CO2 emissions in real time ;

  • Diagnosis : it can then identify the origin of your CO2 emissions, and flag up the most energy-intensive applications and domains, the countries where your emissions are the highest, etc.

  • Taking action : reduce your products' emissions based on real-time recommendations. For example, you'll receive notifications to tell you when it's the best time to unplug your computer or recharge it.

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Ready to take on the major challenge of our times ?

How can your business achieve digital sobriety ?

By involving all your employees in the "carbon footprint" section of your CSR policy, by giving them the means to take positive action every day, whether they’re in the office, home-working, or in a coworking space.
• By making sure the use of your products carbon-neutral with our application
• By encouraging responsible energy consumption with the help of our solution's carbon management features.
• By covering the electricity consumption of your products and digital use by locally-produced green electricity, through our marketplace.