Energy optimization

Are you aware of the extent of your digital carbon footprint?

Welcome to elow ! 

  • A 2-in-1 Windows application created by energy experts.
  • A highly intuitive interface that enables you to mitigate the carbon emissions you generate when you use and recharge your equipment
  • A marketplace solution that helps you find your way through the jungle of green energy offers to get the best solution for you!


An innovative solution for responsible energy

elow enables you to :

  • understand where and how they energy you use was produced
  • get real-time information on your energy consumption impact ;
  • calculate the carbon footprint of your digital consumption and browsing ;
  • measure the effect of a more virtuous consumption and compare yourself with other similar users;
  • access real green energy offers.

"elow brings you a real-time carbon emissions weather chart "

Seeking to monitor your digital carbon impact ?

A dedicated marketplace to find the green electricity supplier that's right for you

Moving towards responsible energy begins at home ! Simple actions, if they're done by lots of people in lots of places, can change the world!

Go further with our unique application. Measure your digital carbon footprint automatically and follow our advice to reduce your impact on the planet. You'll find that you're progressing towards responsible energy.

Explore the green solutions available on our Marketplace, and opt for the one that's in line with your expectations and criteria. Become part of the energy transition right now!


Ready to use elow in your business ?

The elow solution is also particularly suitable for businesses who are looking for a green IT solution as part of their carbon neutrality strategy (scope 2 or scope 3).
Make a major commitment to the energy transition and engage your employees in a practical and participative way. Strengthen your company culture.